Foragecast Episode 6 featuring Sam Brandenburg

September 02, 2021 FGI
Foragecast Episode 6 featuring Sam Brandenburg
Show Notes

In Episode 6, Emily talks with farmer Sam Brandenburg about his experience with HarvXtra.

Sam farms over 2,000 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa and has a cow-calf beef operation.
In our conversation, Sam discusses how he rotates his crops to get the most out of the soil. He was a skeptic at first, so he tested a few aces of HarvXtra to see how it would work on his field and now is a believer.
He discusses how he is experimenting  with different cutting practices to take advantage of the flexibility of HarvXtra. 

"It will make you sleep better at night to know if it rains or something comes up it's gonna be ok. It is still going to be good hay. " - Sam Brandenburg

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